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Stay sexy and fit with Verticality Pole Fitness

“We wanted to make sure that you do not have to share your workout... This way you get to learn a bit quicker and progress more.” [A-LIST 180 | July 12, 2014] Enjoy your workout with Verticality Pole Fitness, a fitness pole studio in based in Houston, TX; they will help you to transform your previous thoughts about pole dancing into a blended mix of how to[...]

Sexy pole dancing for beginners

By Liz M I started pole dancing over 4 years ago and still remember how I felt after my first, confident, and empowered. It completely changed my life. I started teaching a year and a half later, primarily beginner classes with an emphasis on sexy. I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit and considered making instructional DVD's until one o[...]

Who can judge the sensuality of a woman?

By Eileen Shoals A friend recently described me as a Pole Fitness Activist. I never really considered myself to be an "activist". That sounds so official.  I guess if I am an activist, it stems from the work I do on a regular basis with women. I will always rally for women to love themselves and accept themselves completely just the way that they are, whi[...]

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