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Gainesville Festival and Show: Filling First Street with art

The annual Downtown Festival & Art Show will feature art, entertainment and food Saturday and Sunday.

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As talk of Olympic Pole Dancing continues to spread, some bloggers aren’t too supportive… Exhibit A

"Dear God, how is it possible that a highly sexualized activity that began in strip clubs could end up repackaged as a “sport” on the world stage?"

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A pole show puts a new spin on politics

Political commentary and pole dancing may sound like a preposterous pairing, Polaris Dance Theatre wants to prove otherwise.

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9 Health Experts Predict the Hottest Fitness Trends of 2018

One of our favorite ways of motivating ourselves to stay healthy is by trying the latest crazes in the fitness world.

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Little Miss Pole Fitness

Phoebe Christofi dismisses the stigma regarding Pole Fitness, arguing that it brings a whole new meaning to the word 'liberation'

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The PWN Awards

An exciting and unique combination of celebration and achievement: The PWN Awards are a night of lighthearted fun with a touch of class!

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