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Pole dancers bring disco theme for second Errington hall event

A variety of athletes and performers are setting their poles back up at Errington hall for the second Island Talent Pole Fitness Show.

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Pole dancers headed for World Championships

“I want every woman to try pole dancing at least once in their lives, just for them to find out how absolutely beautiful and strong we can be.”

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Cork scientist representing Ireland in the World Pole Dance Championships

Jenny Schmiedel is busy balancing lab duties with practicing her routine for the contest which takes place in Tianjin, China, next Monday.

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Tucson pole athletes prepare for regional competition

Katrina Wyckoff danced ever since she was a kid. In 2006, she became director of the Centre Stage Dance Studio in Oro Valley, and continued formal dancing. But in 2013, when she stumbled upon a pole sport and dancing class, everything changed.

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The PWN Awards

An exciting and unique combination of celebration and achievement: The PWN Awards are a night of lighthearted fun with a touch of class!

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