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Smiley Suri’s journey from depression to pole dancer will surely make you smile!

Actor Smiley Suri, who started her career in 2006 with ‘Kalyug’, has found a new passion – pole dance. Currently, she is promoting pole dance in India to empower women. She is also giving a new platform to girls to motivation and express herself.

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Pole fitness: An empowering feminist workout

"Pole fitness is like flying—it’s exhilarating. And let’s face it, everyone wants to be superwoman."

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​Breaking The Taboo: The Career Of A Pole Dancer

In an interview with LADbible, champion pole dancer Leah Rose Clarke, 29, spoke about the taboo associated with pole dancing but embraced its 'strip club' roots and will carry on as long as her body allows her to.

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Pole fitness is how men are getting fit

"Pole fitness will help you build more muscle strength and you will actually feel more confident about your body."

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Pole fitness offers patrons a different twist on exercise

People are trading in their gym memberships for a pole. Pole fitness is a growing national trend and it’s not just for adult entertainment.

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The PWN Awards

An exciting and unique combination of celebration and achievement: The PWN Awards are a night of lighthearted fun with a touch of class!

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