[Elizabeth Narins | Cosmopolitan]

When you see fitness trainers at the gym, in class, or in online tutorials, you might think they look as toned as they do because of all the time they spend instructing. But the truth is that most trainers put in the greatest efforts off the clock. Here’s how they stay so fit:

1. They work out on their own almost every single day.

Certified personal trainer Alex Silver-Fagan, a fitness instructor at CrossFit Solace and CityRow in New York City, teaches and trains clients at least a dozen times a week. “While I am moving during my classes, mentally, they are not my workout,” she says. It’s why she spends time doing her own exercise every single day.

She’s not the only one: On top of training clients for up to eight hours a day, Los Angeles-based Instagram fitness star and certified trainer Massy “Mankofit” Arias wakes up early almost every day to spend at least 90 minutes doing her own workouts. Sarah Beth, a YouTube fitness star and certified vinyasa yoga teacher based in Colorado, also clocks her own exercise sessions off camera and outside of class time. “Even if I were teaching 20 classes a week, it still wouldn’t keep me fit because I don’t do a lot of demonstration,” she says. Her sculpted physique is the product of the high-intensity interval training workouts she does three times a week, plus two yoga sessions at home, one formal class, and one weekly hike.

2. They hire their own personal trainers.

“Teaching SoulCycle has become my base cardio,” says Kym “Nonstop” Perfetto, who pedals through 11 indoor cycling classes a week. But she doesn’t count class time towards strength training. For that, she’ll hit the gym to work out with celebrity fitness trainer Mike Donavanik.

3. They train for competitions.

A competitive cyclist outside the SoulCycle studio, Kym will take 60-mile bike rides on top of her regular classes to train for races.

4. They max out their workouts with high-intensity training.

“Everyone thinks we work out on the beach for a living,” wrote Tone It Up Instagram fitness stars Karena and Katrina in an email. They actually work crazy long hours, spending at least eight hours a day at their desks with even more computer time on weeknights and weekends. To stay fit despite all the time they spend sitting on their butts, they squeeze in workouts before work or between work and dinner, then focus on high-intensity workouts, which take less time to deliver results than steady-state cardio, and toning exercises, which build lean muscle that burns calories even after you stop moving.