My performance from the Pole Worlds News Awards 2015. I also won the Sensual Artistry Award this night so it was important that I convey sensuality in this performance and I’m happy to say I accomplished that goal.
Now some backstory on this performance: I was disappointed in myself because I didn’t choreograph a routine for this amazing awards night. I didn’t make the time to get it done and because of that I had to freestyle my performance. The disappointing part of that was that I was performing with many other talented performers who all had choreographed routines so I felt as though I was letting myself down as well as my peers. So I vowed to not let that happen again after this night. I told a friend the day of about my feelings going into the night and he affirmed that I would do great because I am great. So I got my attitude in check and affirmed the same thing. And i kept saying that before going on stage so that I wasn’t focusing on negative feelings which could’ve ruined my performance. So after the performance everyone complimented me on how much they enjoyed it and I was baffled because I thought it wasn’t great because I freestyled but after just watching it back, I must say I’m in love with it. I was relaxed and graceful and even though i messed up a few moves, you really can’t tell watching it back. So this message is to all the up and coming performers and the veterans out there who still put too much pressure on themselves. We just need to relax and do what you’re good at. And most importantly plan in advance to get those routines in order. A new system that has worked for me to get in the studio in practice is to call an instructor to come in with me to the studio to make sure that I practice so that way an appt is set and i can’t make any excuses and skip on rehearsing. I’m also proud to say that I recently worked with Suwasit in Las Vegas at Shine Fitness to help me choreograph a routine to this song and I was able to perform it at the Black Girls Pole Showcase at Pole Convention in New Orleans… I’ll be posting that video next…

Well…That’s my story.

Nicole ThePole /
Believe in yourself!

2015 PWN Sensual Artistry Winner