[Nick Harper | United Hub]

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean your health and fitness should take a hit. Numerous smartphone apps have been created to help keep your fitness on track no matter where in the world you may be. Here are seven of our favorites.

1. My Fitness Pal

Even the most resolute fitness buff can lose track of their calorie consumption when they travel. When you lose the familiarity of home, it’s easy to lose the patterns and the discipline ingrained in your everyday life. That’s where My Fitness Pal comes in. The app calculates your daily calorie consumption in an easy-to-use journal, then creates target goals for you to hit when you exercise. Fast, efficient, effective and ingenious, it makes staying on track easier than ever.

2. Map My Run

The urge to run won’t stay at home while you’re traveling, but knowing which route to take in new surroundings can be a problem. You could end up running down a series of dead-end streets, or find yourself on a route no runner would ever want to take. The solution is Map My Run, an app that lists the most popular running routes in pretty much any locale. Boasting more than 70 million routes around the world, it shows you where you’re going — via the data it records — and where you’ve been. Think of it as having a local runner on hand to offer advice almost anywhere in the world, but one who won’t distract you with conversation.

3. Nike+ Training Club

Since you can’t take a treadmill or weights with you when you travel, consider downloading the Nike fitness app. As polished as you’d expect from the fitness heavyweight, Nike+ Training Club brings together master trainers and athletes who provide you with more than 100 video tutorial drills, workouts and training plans. The tutorials have options including strength, endurance, or mobility; low, moderate or high intensity; infrequent, regular or frequent; and equipment or no equipment. Whatever boxes you need to tick, Nike+ Training Club has every option covered.

4. Spotify

Sometimes, exercise can benefit from having a soundtrack. Spotify realized this a while ago and launched playlists designed to aid your workout. For example, the Running feature cleverly establishes your running tempo and plays songs that have a beat to match it, driving you on through the hard miles. Throw in custom original running playlists and DJ-mixed sets designed to push you, and you’ll find all the inspiration you need.