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Still haven’t found an exercise program that moves you? Try pole dancing; and don’t let your age stop you.

In our minds, we are forever young, however, as we age our body ages. Age takes its toll through muscles mass loss, bone density decreases and overall strength reduction.

AOL News reports:

But Tomoko, a 70-year-old Japanese woman living in Italy, laughs in the face of all that. While competing on Italy’s Got Talent, she wowed the crowd with her dumbfounding skills.

Watch for yourself and prepare to be wowed.

Is age really just a state of mind? A group of students in Port Stephens, aged 10-78, seem to think so as they get into this new fitness trend.

The Port Stephens Examiner continues:

Ms. Donlan, a 51-year-old grandmother, said the sport had come a long way since the days of strip clubs.

“It has that risque connotation to it but I’m here because I love it … it can be hard work but it gives me great satisfaction and pleasure and it keeps me feeling young,” she said. “For the first time in decades I can now stand on one foot and cut my toenails without needing to bend over.”

Pole dancing has many benefits such as strength, flexibility, toning, confidence and friendship.

“It just goes to show that pole dancing is for anyone, regardless of their age or size,” says Donlan.

Well, if Jack LaLanne can pull a tug boat at age 70, why not pole dancing?

Age doesn’t limit us; our thinking does.

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