“It is just a kind of dance, it isn’t a vulgar dance. And my family members all support me. I want to prove that age does not mean anything as long as you persist.”

While many elderly women in China spend their free time joining in public square-dancing sessions or accompanying their husbands on backwards walks through the park, this 70-year-old woman in Chengdu, Sichuan province practices pole dancing in very own bedroom.

The woman, called Dai Dali, first learned to pole dance at a gym four years ago and is now able to pull of moves that most people half her age couldn’t accomplish.

Dai had participated in a number of competitions and was even named winner of the Fifth China Pole Dance Championship. She loves the sport so much, she’s had a pole installed in her bedroom.

Images of her twirling around on the ol’ pole have made the rounds online, inspiring Chinese web users who can only stare on in awe from their desk-bound jobs.

Actually, Dai is not the first woman of her age to make headlines for attempting the activity. An elderly woman from Jilin has also appeared to have mastered the sport, which she says has brought her health and happiness.

Not all have expressed equal enthusiasm for her hobby, however, as one top-voted commenter wrote: “Old people can do what they like, amuse themselves how they see fit, but don’t go on television or appear in the media, ok? It’s just too disgusting.”

Dai says she hopes people can realize that pole dancing just like any other form of exercise.