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‘Hateful and ignorant’ priest targeting pole fitness studio

There’s a conflict between the owner of a pole dancing fitness studio and a reverend in Beaver Dam.

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Poetry in Pole-Dancing: A Shenzhen Burlesque Dancer’s Journey

A Shenzhen native, burlesque dancer Zixy pursued a degree in Fine Arts at the Institute of Chicago and there gained experience as a pole dancer.

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Photos of Pole Dancing Competition show just how hard it actually is

This weekend was the Pacific Pole Championships in Los Angeles and Getty Images of the performances show just how intense the art of pole dancing actually is.

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How pole dancing helped this actress overcome depression

Smilie Suri says she suffered from depression after she failed to get films post Kalyug

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Confessions of an Exotic Dancer

With ever more burlesque and strip clubs opening around the UK, exotic dancing has seen something of a reinvention in recent years.

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The PWN Awards

An exciting and unique combination of celebration and achievement: The PWN Awards are a night of lighthearted fun with a touch of class!

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