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I took a pole dancing class, and I have a newfound respect for stripping

Most people (wrongfully) believe pole dancing is restricted to strippers or women desperately seeking the attention of men.

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Gravesend pole dancer on sport’s Olympic aspirations

Once confined to sleazy strip club joints, pole dancing could be on its way up to the biggest stage in international sport.

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Pole dancing instructor finds success with Bitcoin

Some may call it risky business, but one Sydney dancing instructor has found investing in Bitcoin quite fruitful.

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Pole Dancing Empowers Women in Egypt

Pole dancing is often stigmatized in mainstream society. But the exercise is increasingly in demand in a country not famous for championing women's rights.

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Atalanta’s Aerialists Create Winners

“As a woman, nobody tells you that you can be strong.” Erin I'nama says “It's not something that is really encouraged.”

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An exciting and unique combination of celebration and achievement: The PWN Awards are a night of lighthearted fun with a touch of class!

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