By Miserable George


The lovely Andrea Britz recently spent some time in Florida representing Pole World News at the 26th Annual Roscoe’s Chili Challenge, where she won the championship trophy at their first pole dance competition.


They call me Miserable George; I’ve been riding motorcycle for nearly 50 years. I don’t drink alcohol, so, I very rarely go where there are pole dancers…REAL pole dancers. I’ve been going to the Chili Challenge for 22 years, and was glad to hear of the pole dance competition.


My passions are art, and photography, so I was anxious to experience this event. The pole dancing at Roscoe’s was of a serious “art form” type of competition. No blatant display of “skin”. The girls were serious contenders, and it came down to two: Andrea, and Jennifer. They did their thing, and when the vote came to Andrea, the response from the crowd was literally “explosive!”



I understand that this was Andrea’s first “open air” performance on the pole, and, she was a bit edgy, BUT, it certainly didn’t show, as her performance was (to me)…flawless. Not only is she beautiful, but, she was a perfect lady. If Andrea is an example of pole dancing as an “art”…then, I’m all for it!! I wish her, and your entire organization all the best.

Miserable George