Are you comfortable in your own skin? Do you feel confident in your own beauty, sex appeal and power? A few women were asked to define the word “sexy”. They were also asked what makes them feel sexy, beautiful, and appealing to others. Here are there responses.

Sexy is a holistic positive energy, a collective, harmonious union of my core authentic self (the true woman inside).

What makes me sexy and beautiful is when I honor my holistic energy – in simple terms – when I give myself permission to be sexy & beautiful at the same time.

In addition, internally what makes me sexy and beautiful are intimate authentic relationships, confidence (an assurance of who I am), knowledge and wisdom, opportunities and experiences that promotes my personal and professional growth and success. Externally what make me sexy and beautiful is the smile of vanilla (smile), being physically healthy and fit (working on this now), positive energy, intimate authentic relationships and experiences, clothes, travel and food (cooking).

I know I am sexually appealing to others by the energy that surrounds us. I strongly believe that EVERYTHING is energy and EVERYTHING is Spirit. I truly believe, more so now than ever before, that I am sexually appealing and attracting/tive to others when I’m consciously, consistently, intentionally living and operating from my spirit and my energy. This is how I choose to live my life now.

For me being sexy is being confident in yourself. We
all have things we would like to change about
ourselves but we all have amazing features as well. We
show the world what we want them to see. If we focus
on the things we hate that’s all they will see. But if
we focus on what we love about ourselves (and even
about life!) we’ll radiate that energy and that’s

Knowing myself for sure.

Physicality, I try focusing on me and not on all the
women around me. I don’t have the perfect body shape
but I learned how to make the best of what I was
given. Good posture is always a good start!

Mentally, I try to keep in touch with what’s happening
in the world and read a book once in a while. We don’t
have to stress over reading and studying but nothing
kills sex appeal more than stupidity.

Having good manners and caring about others is also

Walking into a room and turning heads is always a good
sign but being able to keep them interested once they
got to know me is an even better sign.

To me sexy is confidence, a swagger. Its how a person carries themselves. It could be a curve or a laugh or a silly straight line but it is authentic. I am sexiest when I am my most silly and un self conscious. I think I am most appealing when I have someone laughing, when I can see a light in their eye.

Being yourself.

Being myself.

The way people react towards you.