Alex Poledancer – In Her Own Words Part 1

By Alex Poledancer

Alex-PoledancerHello. My name Alex also known as Alex Poledancer. I have been instructing pole dance for the past 8 years, first being employed

by a company called Polestars and then venturing out and opening my own

studio called Flirty Fitness in Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA. After having worked as a professional dancer for the previous 6 years I was intrigued by the strength, flexibility and body shape that seemed to develop from such an individual type of dance and exercise. I was also determined to re-discover myself and get back in touch with myself through a sexy and fun alternative to the gym.


(My style of teaching) It’s the same with both my staff, and my students – the more I can help them achieve their own personal goals, along with helping them develop greater self confidence, achievement and friendships that are developed through the love of pole dancing, the harder they work and the more their dancing improves. By providing my girls with constant support, development, training and a noncompetitive training environment – our girls are able to achieve more than they ever felt possible along with new friendships, a flirty new attitude and a fun work out environment.


I DEFINITELY recommend pole dancing for all women!!! It’s the most fun you can have – with your clothes on. 😉 I would definitely say (pole is) both (art and athleticism). Every pole dancer, performer and athlete is able to

bring a different perspective to pole dancing which gives us as trainers and

those who want to improve something inspirational to always inspire and train to become. Absolutely everybody (can benefit from pole)…from Mums to Grandmothers, students, teens, teachers, lawyers, child care workers and doctors. It’s something that is appealing to women (and men) of all different backgrounds, ages and body types.


I would say as an instructor a lot of (pole empowerment) comes from each student’s own personal development. What people don’t realize is if we can find something we enjoy, not only will we do it more often, but we also develop friendships, which inspire you to work harder, achieve faster results, which helps improve both mental and physical stamina and our personal mind-set. To sum it up, pole dance helps to create healthier, happier women through self-empowerment.