By Alex Pole Dancer


Alex picks up where she left off in the article posted on August 30, 2013.


I used to be a competitive dancer and professional performer for over 10 years and have done many performances on and off over the years. However, the commitment and time no longer exists when you have a beautiful family. Still, when choreographing a dance routine, I am inspired by the music, the mood and what the piece represents. Whether it’s a story, something to lighten the mood, or just an expression of a moment in our lives; there are so many things that can be expressed through dance. I believe beautiful souls equal beautiful dancers. I’ve been inspired by Anastasia Skukhtorova, Eike Von-Stuckenbrook, Jenyne Butterfly, and Zoraya Judd. When dancing or teaching, I feel elated, excited, happy, and proud. I feel the same emotions that my students feel when they accomplish that new move, realize the changes in their body, and high five that new best friend next to them. The self-achievement they feel, I feel as well because I like to think that I have helped them to achieve it. Some of my favorite pole tricks are the Iron X, inverted splits or inverted drop.

I think every single performer, instructor, student and pole fan would describe pole differently. Pole dancing to me is an amazing form of dance that has helped increase my strength and tone, whilst helping to improve my overall mental and personal well being. After 8 years I have pretty much adapted to those with negative thoughts and presumptions on what I do and simply inform them that it’s a great workout, whilst providing outstanding personal results. Pole is for EVERYONE!!! We offer FREE Come N Try classes and unique opportunities to join in classes and/or view a class to see what our instructors get up to before they are committed to joining a class. This shows our girls the supportive and fun atmosphere we provide to our girls providing a non-intimidating environment where girls are free to wear what they feel is most comfortable, making girls of all ages, shapes and sizes feel comfortable.

I would say it just helps women to bring out the sexiness that already exists. There’s a little fire inside all of us and it’s just a matter of having the right trainer help to bring it out. At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, even if I don’t tend to agree with them. I can vouch that Pole Dancing has provided myself and many of my students with weight loss, tone, and the assistance of losing that sometimes stubborn post pregnancy weight. When I first got into Pole Dancing is was after I had just given birth to my little boy and was looking for a way to get back into my dance. It helped me to achieve my own personal results and goals whilst also helping me to stay in shape after having 2 children and throughout my 3rd pregnancy. I found improved support throughout all of my muscles and joints along with a huge improvement in my personal core stability. This is the IDEAL form of exercise to shift any stubborn weight and achieve these personal goals.

Age appropriateness for pole is definitely a controversial issue. I personally think there shouldn’t be an age limit. However I think it also depends on the school and/or trainer and the course components being offered to each age level. Flirty Fitness provides classes for 3-10 year old which is a circus based course, Chinese pole classes, along with a Teen Pole class for 11-17 year olds, with all of our evening classes intended for our more Flirty 18+ classes. This allows us to offer the various styles of dance combined with pole/dance/acro and/or gymnastics. As long as it offers the younger students a more dance/fitness and acro based focus without the sexual aspect – then I don’t feel there should be any reason for an age limit to be imposed.

Any person can be good at pole. Being a dancer may help you pick things up easier, however, any one can be taught to be a good pole dancer with the right trainer, along

with dedication and passion. To all Polers (and ‘potential new polers’) around the world KEEP POLING,STAY MOTIVATED and SHARE YOUR PASSION!! <3 <3 <3