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What do you get when you place Ariana Grande in a room full of microphones and f*ckboiz? Aside from the obvious, awkward questions–questions that, when translated from caveman into human, say, “What we ask woman? Woman know thing more than makeup?”–we apparently get an awesomely feminist rebuttal out of our favorite medium-sized Starbucks drink. In a radio interview for Los Angeles Power 106 this past week with Justin Credible and Eric D-Lux (A.K.A. scholars of the airwaves) the radio personalities used their time with the multi-platinum recording artist and vocal powerhouse to ask some of life’s most fascinating questions, such as “if you could use makeup or your phone one last time, which one would you choose?” Without so much as batting an eye, Grande was all, “Do you think that’s all women care about???” and later told them to brush up on their equality skills. So while we still haven’t forgiven her for cold-heartedly wasting precious donuts, we applaud her standing up to icky dudes and send our love her way. Bang bang, indeed!!


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