Bendy Kate, aka “Bendy” took pole to the next level when she introduced it to the International community as a semi-finalist on the show “Got To Dance”. A pole community sweetheart, Bendy’s warm personality could make anyone want to try pole fitness.

In her own words:

Hellooooo, Im Bendy Kate and I am a Pole Artist and Circus Performer from the UK. I have been pole dancing for 2 years now and I train and teach in Bristol, UK.

I use to be a gymnast when I was a little girl so I always wanted to try pole as I knew the strength and grace it required. I first came across pole fitness at my university in Bristol, England. I joined the pole fitness society, and with in a few months I took it over and became pole soc president – I LOVED IT 😀

My goal [when working with new students] is that they reach their goals!

Not only is pole a brilliant form of exercise, confidence boost, and method of escape, I have met some of my best friends ever!

Pole can be whatever you interpret it to be! One day I see it as a form of dance, the next an art, then maybe a sport. That’s the beauty of it!

Every type of women imaginable [is drawn to pole]! Tall ones, small ones, young ones, older ones, loud ones, quiet ones. The pole dance community is made up of millions of leisurely polers, professional role models for them to look up to and pole companies who help promote and support the industry.

Pole dancing allows women to express their creativity and personality in a way they probably would have never imagined before taking up the sport. I can’t think of anything more empowering than that!

The music for my piece is the first thing to inspire my choreography. I close my eyes, listen to the music and see what it makes me feel like doing. Sometimes it makes me feel like an animal, sometimes it makes me feel like a rag doll! I then base my routines on this!

I have competed in The UK Amateur Championships 2010, PoleDivas 2010, Miss Pole Dance UK 2011, The World Pole Fitness Championships 2011, The UK Professional Championships 2011. My most recent competition was on a UK televised dance show; Got to Dance 2012 where I made it all the way to the Semi Finals 🙂

Video: Bendy Kate on the Live Semi Finals of Got To Dance 2012

[My role models are] Karen Chaundy from the UK because she’s not afraid to be different. And Karry Summers because she’s a brilliant role model for places where pole is still developing (NZ) plus shes lovely and has some wicked tricks!

Hmmmm I go through stages, right now Im quite into all my different types of sommersaults on the pole 😀

The biggest emotion is pride! Its amazing when your able to inspire your students and you see them achieve their goals.

A pole performance brings out a woman’s personality, it may be sexy it may not be. As long as it makes someone feel happy about themselves thats all that counts.

Pole dancing to me is a acrobatic dance involving a vertical prop!

Don’t come to a conclusion about pole until you’ve tried it…

All I can say is some of the older pole dancers are some of the best pole dancers!

I cant speak from experience but pole is definitely a great way to tone up whether you’ve had a little babber or not!

I had no previous dance experience (but i was a gymnast) Its never too late to become a dancer!

I’d like to give a shout out for EVERYONE who voted for me on Got To Dance I love u! 🙂



Photos courtesy of MOTION STOP FACTORY