[Jihan Forbes | Yahoo! Style]

“That’s some motherhood magic right there.”

We’re accustomed to seeing Roz Mays (aka Roz the Diva) work it out on the pole. But as it turns out, Mama can also work a mermaid tail.

The certified personal trainer, plus-size pole dancer, and mastermind behind Dangerous Curves — a plus-size pole-dancing competition — shared a few photos on Sunday from her trip to Hawaii that will make you want to camp out on a rock somewhere near the ocean and be a siren full-time. We hear the benefits are seariously good.

In a series of images posted on Instagram, we see Mays on the beach in Waikiki, Hawaii, lying on her stomach with her arms extended, rocking a gorgeous magenta-hued mermaid tail, shells, and a lei. Mays says Hawaii-based photographer Stephanie Cannizzaro reached out to her while she was in Oahu to shoot her on the beach — and came with a mermaid tail handy, as one who has access to mermaid tails does.

“Stephanie had everything!” Mays shares with Yahoo Style. “Not only did she come with a tail, shell bra, and necklaces, but she knew exactly how to pose me for the best pictures. As if that weren’t enough work, she had her 8-month-old baby girl in tow. That’s some motherhood magic right there.” Indeed!