Excerpts From Peter Ragnar


(These excerpts have been retrieved From “How To Build Muscle On A Raw Food Diet” by Peter Ragnar)


“The only difference between a beautiful, young, fit, athletic body and an aged, frail and withered-up body is the amount of human growth hormone available. During exercise, we release HGH. That’s why exercise is so important to your health, youth, and well-being. HGH is also released during sleep and available by supplementation. But the bottom line is that you need muscle to remain youthful. ..First of all, the most important muscle in your body, your heart wouldn’t beat if the muscle was weak. In fact, you’d be dead without muscle tissue at work—or else you’d be a vegetable; unable to move even your littlest finger. “


“…the Big 40…is the time when the ratio of fat mass overcomes muscle mass. ..If your waist size is less than 34 inches, you’re probably safe; however, if your waist size is over 40 inches, you’ve probably already been diagnosed with diabetes. Now, the question resurfaces; do you want to be fat or fit?”


“While the medical fraternity generally focuses on the loss of bone mass (osteoporosis) in aging adults, the real problem is the creeping deterioration of muscle mass. Most people take it for granted that you’re supposed to lose your athletic prowess as you age. I certainly hope you don’t believe that. I don’t…and I still put on muscle easily and am as strong as I have been at any time in my life. Actually, after I first began eating 100% raw foods, I did lose muscle. I seemed to drop weight like a lead balloon—30+ pounds of it. My body fat index was at 6% and I looked like an anatomy chart. However, I made a startling discovery: my body weight settled down at 172 pounds, and I soon began to gain muscle weight faster than in any time in my life. This discovery of how to gain muscle on a raw food diet is the reason I’ve written this book. You don’t have to be thin as a rail and just as frail; you can pack on all the muscle you desire. But don’t misunderstand me—you will have to work hard to do it”


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