[The Blackpool Gazette]

Stephanie King has been flying high for nearly 20 years.

“I think it was about finding my niche, I had done dancing and drama from a young age and I loved it, but I wanted to find something else.”

And she still is, as well as teaching others to do the same.

It’s no wonder she ended up on-stage, performing aerial tricks – and is now running her Air-Born Aerial Arts School in Blackpool – given her family history.

Her dad, Steve King, entertained many an audience, throughout the latter half of the last century, with his various acts – including his famous Al Jolson, Old Mother Riley and Laurel and Hardy tributes.

Her grandmother and her sister performed acrobatics in the 20s and 30s – feats such as human pyramids and the wall of death. And her great-great grandfather set up a marionette theatre – the famous Delvaine Marionettes at the turn of the 20th century, which her great grandfather continued.

Her brother is also a musician.

She has worked all over the UK and the world – including in Germany, India and Belfast. Her career started after she decided to attend a circus school, at the age of 17.

Blackpool-born Stephanie, whose stage name Delvaine is taken from her middle name, said: “With my family being theatrical, I think I was always going to be on the stage. The circus school was great fun.

“I think it was about finding my niche, I had done dancing and drama from a young age and I loved it, but I wanted to find something else.

“I saw an old film from the 50s, a circus film and I loved the acts, the costumes, the beautiful shapes the performers were able to make.”

Stephanie started performing in 1999. The 36-year-old has done various shows over the decades – including high profile magic shows and magic conventions, festivals, supper clubs, variety acts and circus shows.

Her boyfriend is an illusionist and they put together a speciality act including magic and hula hoop acrobatics. She’s appeared at Blackpool’s North Pier and Central Pier, as well as the Grand and Viva.

She said the world of the stage is really in her blood: “It’s my passion, I just love it.

“I love the costumes, I love being on-stage, I love everything about it. I love being backstage as well. I’m just addicted to it.”

“I love going to see a show and I love the venues – take the Grand Theatre for example, it’s such a lovely old theatre with such a great olde world feeling to it.”

And Stephanie is determined to pass her passion for her art on to others. Her classes include aerial silks, aerial hoop, aerial rope and static trapeze – for everyone from beginners to professionals.