[Andrew McDonald | Daily Star]

Stunning Bethany Finlay, 24, took up pole dancing seven years ago and has since become one of the best in the world.

The talented babe won a series of local awards in her home state of Victoria, Australia, before moving on to national championships.

“If you work at something you can always achieve it. I have three pins in my hip from an operation and I can easily now do a flat split.”

And she absolutely decimated the competition with an outrageous performance that bagged her the 2016 Australian Pole Championship.

And it’s easy to see why.

The tattooed babe’s abilities on the pole are just mind-blowing.

One eye-popping video – shown above – sees Bethany casually swing around the pole with only one hand while performing a series of spectacular scissors kicks.

The bendable brunette then double back-flips around the pole before landing on the floor in the splits position.

And she does it all with such style and sophistication that it is no wonder fans are flocking to watch her online.

Her videos have raked in millions of views and she has a growing following of over 100,000 across Instagram and Facebook.

Sexy pole dance champion Bethany Finlay