By Melissa Ramos

This green powder can give you the shits. Ever feel a little confused about greens powders? If so, you’re not alone. In fact they’re all different and contain different healing properties. But one for example can make loose poops that you may be having even worse. Which one is it? Well I dish that out including everything you need to know about chlorella, spirulina and e3live in this week’s video. You see what I find is many people purchase green supplements on the whim because of the marketing lingo: SUPERFOODS! (Eye roll that fractures my skull) I mean listen, they’re all phenomenal for your health, but you should be well aware of the key differences so that you pick the one that’s right for you. Lastly, if you’re looking for a protein-packed snack that’ll satisfy just about any sweet tooth, then you’ll love the little recipe I’ve whipped up just for you. Are you ready?

As you walk into your health food store, you may feel slightly overwhelmed. Products stacked up high creating a fortress all around you, a sample lady pushing the latest superfood goo in a cup promising to rid you of aches and pains and give you more energy. Plus a fridge at the back of the store lightly humming to summon you to purchase their many probiotics that all sound like elephant names. One of the biggest areas that I think people really have no idea about is the green superfood section, I mean…

Chlorella, spirulina and e3live…what’s the difference anyway?

They’re actually quite different and when speaking to my gals in my free and private Sexy Food Therapy Community Group, they’re equally baffled. So today I figured I’d break down the differences between the green powders and what you need to know.

Chlorella and why it’s not the same as chlorophyll

This is a pretty common misconception, but chlorella is not the same as chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is what makes plants green, so think of it as the blood of the plants. Chlorella on the other hand is a green algae that contains chlorophyll because it’s green!

Chlorella out of all the green superfoods is the safest to take because it’s the most tonifying and least cooling. It’s highly regenerative for frail conditions where the immune response is low. It’s an abundant source of nucleic acid that helps to ward off aging and strengthen our immune system. It also does contain a fair amount of protein, although not as much as spirulina.

E3Live…also known as Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (AFA)

This is a wild blue-green algae that comes from Klamath Lake. Interestingly enough, these folks struck gold as once the product is harvested, it grows back within 24-48 hours. Talk about a gold mine, right? AFA works on the heart-mind according to Chinese Medicine offering up a mental buzz and blissed out feeling. It’s great as a complimentary therapy in cases of depression and it shows promise for those with candida (also loosely translated as “dampness” in Chinese Medicine). This is the perfect type of green superfood for those who are overweight and have a robust constitution. It has a slightly bitter and astringent action and is cooling in action.


This fresh water blue-green algae contains the richest source of easy-to-digest vegetarian protein. It’s also the most cooling out of all the green superfoods so if you suffer from loose bowel movements, be careful as it worsen the situation. Just like the other superfoods mentioned, it contains powerful anti-inflammatory compounds and it has shown promise at reducing blood pressure and aiding in anemia.