[Laura House | Daily Mail]

“This is no joke. The struggle is real.”

Australian pole dancing champion, Cleo the Hurricane, 36, took her prenatal workout routine to another level when she decided to keep dancing during her pregnancy.

At the time, the Los Angeles-based pole dance guru said she was glad she didn’t ‘hang up’ her heels completely and enjoyed taking ‘flexy pregnancy’ snaps each month.

And just three months after giving birth to her adorable son, John Rocco, in March, Cleo got back on the pole for the first time.

On Sunday, Cleo shared a video of herself pole dancing to update her followers on her progress.

‘Poling just over 3 months post child birth. This is no joke. The struggle is real. OMG… just gotta stay consistent. Looking back I probably shouldn’t have eaten so much cheese and ice-cream haha [sic],’ she captioned the video.

Cleo donned a latex get-up and sky-high heels in the clip where she was seen showing off a series of impressive moves on the pole.

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