By Celeste Ayers

Over the weekend Pole Sport Organization held the 1st Annual Pacific Aerial Art Championships, and I competed without stepping a foot on stage. At least I felt like it was me competing…only as a choreographer this time! I had the honor of choreographing 2 pole routines for Deb M, and she KILLED them both! I couldn’t be more proud. Placing 3rd in the Dramatic Level 3 and 1st in the Entertainment Level 3, (enter HUGE smile here!) she took the choreography I gave her and made it look beyond better than I could have imagined. Her drive and dedication to do her best, along with my drive and dedication to give her the best choreography I could for her dance style, made for a great team. It also put a huge responsibility on both of our shoulders to work together as one. I didn’t want my choreography to be the reason she didn’t do well, I also didn’t want to start my first competition as a studio owner disappointed in myself. In return she didn’t want to perform under her standard and make my choreography under par, for herself and for me. We needed to make sure to be on the same page throughout her whole training from beginning to end!

As Deb got ready to perform I found myself getting nervous alongside her for both routines. I asked myself the same questions both times while she waited her turn. It was as if it were me getting ready to take the stage. “Did I choose the right combos? Should I have picked more song options? Did I give hard enough tricks to display the level she’s in?” The list goes on! This weekend I was competing, and this time I felt the stakes were higher. I was competing for Deb’s trust in my choreography, and any future Pole-lete that may be in the audience. Most importantly I was competing for the trust and confidence in myself to guide Deb and any other future Polarity Pole-lete that I may work with to achieve their goals as athletes. Choreographing for others is a passion of mine, and now I have the resources and time to share this passion with others. I love the excitement of watching a dance I created come to life, along with the rush of feeling accomplished when the dancer is able to reach their own personal goals and dreams! In this weekend’s case, Deb placing for the first time at a PSO event. She is also my first Pole-lete to have represent my name attached to my own studio, Polarity Fitness. Her placements this weekend felt like a win for me and Polarity!

I can’t take credit for the talented dancer Deb is, just for maybe that little extra push she was looking for to help her reach her goals as a competitive pole dancer. She worked hard and it showed this weekend. She took my choreography and brought it to life on stage and I couldn’t be more proud. It was a privilege to watch her grow as a dancer, and I’m thankful she allowed me to take this personal journey with her. She trusted in me, and because of that I am a stronger choreographer and dancer myself. I look forward to Pacific Pole Championships 2015 where deb will take a huge leap and compete in the level 4; and I will take a huge leap and recruit others to compete as Polarity Pole-letes alongside her. Here’s to Pole Season 2015!