By Deb M

“I need to pick a song!” “When am I going to have time to train?” “I have to teach at the studio tonight and I know I’m going to be too tired to train after.” “I had a long day at work and I just want to go home and rest!” Is this what goes through your mind weeks prior to your competition? Well you’re not the only one. Every pole dancer has chaos in his/her life and during competition season, life has a tendency to become even more chaotic. Whether it’s taking care of the kids or meeting a deadline at work, there always seems to be not enough hours in the day for everything.

Pacific Aerial Arts Championships is being held at the LA Convention Center on September 27-28, 2014. It appears to be a trend that there is definitely a love/hate relationship when it comes to competing and it mainly has to do with adding one more item to one’s already full plate.

Take me for example: I work a full time demanding job during the day and I teach pole classes 2-3 times a week in the evenings and I also have 3 dogs and a horse (and yes, having animals is just as much as a responsibility as having kids). Now I ask myself how am I going to squeeze competing in my already busy schedule.

This is where the love part of the competing relationship comes in. I think about being on stage and entertaining a crowd and I convince myself that the extra work and sleepless nights due to having to choreograph my routines and train is worth it. Next thing I know I decided I’m going to compete and the chaos begins!

Keeping up with my day job and my night job then not only having to only focus on my routines, I also find myself having to squeeze in private lessons to choreograph routines for other competitors. It takes a toll on my personal life because I practically don’t have one during that time and I am grateful that I have a wonderful support system. My friends and family are very understanding.

Once your song is picked and your routine is choreographed and you start training…… Well you would think you would feel better but unfortunately not. You start to question if your routine is good enough or even worse, if your routine is too hard and your worried you won’t be able to do it. Every pole dancer has his/her crazy thoughts that go through their minds before competition. So why compete? Here is where the love part of the competition relationship comes into play. When your on stage and the spotlight is beaming on you and you hear your music start to play and you start to perform.

Competition Chaos does exist in one way or another but in the end all the chaos is worth it after you walk off stage and you feel accomplished and then you realize you can’t wait to compete in the next competition!