[Anka Radakovich | GQ India | Sept. 03, 2014]

A few months into joining the fitness “cult” that is CrossFit, I noticed an interesting side effect: my hand jobs were suddenly spectacular; my hand no longer got tired in the middle of  “polishing the pole”. This new forearm strength also extended to doing myself.

One CrossFitting couple told me that right after their workout is when they most felt like doing it. One day they couldn’t wait, and started doing it in their car in the CrossFit car park. When the next class ran a 400-metre warm-up right past their vehicle, they had to stop what they were doing and duck.

Exercise in general makes you better in bed, and the more push ups you can do, the better you can lift yourself off someone when you’ve had too much to drink.

Dr Ondy Meston, a sex researcher at the University of Texas in Austin, conducted a study of sexual response and exercise. One group was hooked up to machines measuring sexual arousal while watching a porn video and exercising on a stationary bike for 20 minutes.

The other group exercised and watched a travel video. The study found that while exercise alone did not produce sexual arousal, adding sexual stimuli to the mix caused more blood flow to the genitals. The lesson here:  watch porn, get on an exercise bike and get it on. “Exercise in the presence of an erotic stimulus somehow prepares the body for sexual arousal,” Dr Meston says.

Yoga has some great sex benefits as well, involving the same techniques used by Tantrik sex practitioners.

Try some breathing exercises before sex to completely relax yourself and during sex to breathe into an orgasm.  Practising deep breathing will give you stronger and harder orgasms, say tantrikas, or Tantrik sex masters.

“Breathe in without pausing, then relax on the exhale,” advises Dr Joseph Kramer, founder of the Orgasmic Yoga Institute in San Francisco. “The idea is to put both of you in the moment. And doing this could result in a surprise: a yogasm…”


Exercise to energize

Too tired to go to the gym? Activity is exactly what you need. Thanks to increases in neurotransmitters such as dopamine, you’ll feel more invigorated for up to 40 minutes after a sweat session. What’s more: a less strenuous routine offers better results.

Perform 20 to 40 minutes of moderate jogging, strength training or yoga. Studies show that this amount of time and level of intensity will help your brain and body feels uplifted not overwhelmed. For a quick reset, try a minute of vigorous exercise, like holding a plank – the science isn’t in yet, but it appears that short and intense workouts can give you an immediate fix.

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