By Eric Plantenberg

Sometimes figuring out Why can be extremely detrimental to creating positive results.

Being clear on why you are going to do things in the future is extremely important.   Seeing the bigger picture of what is in front of you adds energy and is one of the most powerful sources of internal motivation.

Dwelling on why something isn’t happening the way you’d like it to be is largely counter-productive.  Your focus is taken off of the solution and the problem looms in your sight of vision.  What you see is what you look for

The exception to that of course is learning from the past or learning from mistakes.  I’m all for learning from what didn’t happen as planned AFTER a solution has been found.  If the solution is not apparent and you need to learn from the current challenge before moving on, great.  Just make sure that you aren’t getting stuck in what’s not working along the way.

be free!