Reposted With Permission By Thinx

So, remember how some feminists were annoyed with Emma Watson’s white feminist-ybro-centric #HeForShe speech at the UN last fall? Well, news surfaced this week that, before delivering the now-famous speech, she was instructed to avoid using the word “feminism”because of its ~divisive~ nature. Oh brother (and we don’t mean #HeForShe here). When will people get it through their lil’ skulls that feminism ain’t as scary as they want it to be? And when will they understand the irony of giving a speech about gender equality and not including the word “feminism”??? At the end of it all, at least this backstory means we can all go a little easier on Watson for writing a less-than-perfect speech. Even though she may not have succeeded with intersectionality or fempowerment entirely, at least she stuck it to the man by using the word “feminism” in an address about the women’s movement. (7 times, BTW).