Reposted with Permission by Thinx

Don’t judge a girl by her cover photo.

So, like, Team THINX owes a lot to the Internet and social media–ahem, e-commerce business over here!–but it is hard to refute that too much dependence on the interwebs can be really damaging. News this week from Australian Instagram star Essena O’Neill has introduced many to just how destructive social media can be, as she announced her retirement (sorta) from her career as an Insta-icon, and blamed her depression on the pressure of keeping up with her own entirely fabricated, online persona. In her emotional video announcing this move, O’Neill reminds people that what we see on social media is rarely an accurate portrayal of someone’s life. She talks about practicing poor self-care and wasting her days away just trying to take the perfect selfie to please her demanding followers. Hopefully now that she has quit social media, the 19-year-old will be able to enjoy her life and the young girls and women following her will learn to practice self-love instead of the intense self-scrutiny that comes with living a life on social media. Keep snappin’ selfies, but love the lady lookin’ back at you.