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Want to add a little bit of dance, drama and pizzazz to your workout regime? Pole dance or pole fitness may be the thing for you. Recently, Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez dabbled in the dance form to prep for a role and seemed smitten. In addition to offering a full body workout, pole dancing also adds an element of fun to your exercise regime. It is an excellent form of aerobic activity. It not only strengthens your upper body and core but also improves your flexibility. It burns a lot of calories too. It also helps in coordination and balance. Here, fitness expert Vicky Tulli and physiotherapist Dr Minakshi Fullara decode the art of pole dancing:


Pole dancing taxes the muscles in the entire body and you are always moving – making it a great isometric and cardiovascular exercise wrapped into one. You can burn as many calories in a 30-minute session as you would while doing aerobics and calisthenics. A pole dancing class usually lasts anywhere between 60-90 minutes and you burn up to 400-500 calories depending upon the intensity of your workout. Pole dancing or pole fitness is a fun and physically demanding form of exercise that can make you fit and let you feel sexy at the same time.


Pole dancing focuses on the legs, abdominals, arms and shoulders.The muscles in your upper and lower legs including your hip flexors, hamstrings, calves and quads are moving while practising it. The form also builds strength and endurance in your triceps, biceps and forearms.