Before implementing a program of sex-friendly exercise, figure out what’s lacking in your sex life.  Are you panting after over-exertion?  Do your muscles hurt after holding a position for a while?  Are you chronically inflexible?

Once you’ve identified problem areas, use this guide to pick appropriate exercises for you.


Kegels – that mythical sex exercise – are pretty simple in practise.  They just involve squeezing your puboccoccygeus (PC) muscles, the ones you use to stop your urine.
Try squeezing and holding for ten seconds in reps (series) of ten or twenty at a time.  Do them wherever you happen to be sitting down – on a bar stool, at work, on your way home on the bus.
They strengthen the pelvic floor and improve your control and grip.

You can also use Ben Wa balls – two small balls, usually both big enough to fit in the palm of your hand, which have been used as vaginal weights.  Use your pelvic floor muscles to roll them around.


Yoga creates flexibility, making it easier to get into complicated positions and not tense up.  It also teaches relaxation and good breathing practises, which can help during Tantric sex and BDSM activity.

The other good thing about yoga is that it tends to help with energy levels and reduce fatigue, always a good way to combat low libido.


Research shows that regular exercise, particularly cardio, improves your energy levels – and that includes in the bedroom.

Seek out a class which will challenge you and keep your heart rate high, building endurance.  Swimming, running, biking – research shows that sustained levels of cardio activity will boost your energy and sex drive, particularly once you hit 30 and over.


This is particularly useful if you have problems sustaining positions which use particular muscles.

Use weights to target the sectors – arms and legs specifically – which handle a lot of pressure during sex.

A bonus: you need to have some energetic sex to figure out what those muscles are.