As the mastermind behind The Girl Next Door A Pole Dance Soiree, Kelly Yvonne continues to produce entertaining pole dance shows which captivate audiences. She discusses the pole dance and pole fitness community and why a strong bond exists among that community.

The Poletastic Choreographer

by Piper S.

As a classically trained, competitive dancer, Kelly Yvonne has become a well-known name in the pole world. Most recently winning Choreographer of The Year at The International Pole Championships in Hong Kong, she is most known for creating dynamic and breathtaking routines for title winners such as Natasha Wang and Amber Fleur Richard. As a producer, director and pole dancer, Kelly Yvonne wears many hats within the pole world.

Although Kelly Yvonne comes from a background in professional dance, which includes dancing and choreographing for NBA teams such as the Los Angeles Clippers, dancing with artists like Beyonce and Andre 3000, and training at Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio pole dancing was not intended to be a professional endeavor. Kelly Yvonne had retired from dance, and in an attempt to get in touch with her femininity and enhance her fitness she began pole dancing. Unintentionally pole dancing reignited her dance career and after only a few months of training in pole she created Girl Next Door – a pole dance soiree. With a drive that continues to push her towards success, Girl Next Door – a pole dance soiree, was an opportunity for Kelly Yvonne to develop her ability to perform while learning to dance. To date Girl Next Door – a pole dance soiree remains the longest running pole dance revue in the nation and is a showcase of the sensuality and femininity that is within every woman. Kelly Yvonne’s creative fire continued to burn as she choreographed for pole athletes who were preparing for competition and developing new shows for Girl Next Door – a pole dance soiree. She opened The Choreography House, a home away from home for the cast of the Girl Next Door show to train and rehearse. The Choreography house is also a place for anyone to come and take a class or for other pole dance athletes to rehearse and train…a space for all pole dancers.

Kelly Yvonne is a graduate of Cal State Berkeley where she received a B.A. in architecture and a minor in modern dance, and city and regional planning. While this seems like an unlikely pairing for a professional dancer, Kelly Yvonne has artfully and masterfully married the two. With the goal in mind of finding ways to use the pole as a means of creative expression, Kelly Yvonne utilizes her architectural design background to develop numerous routines in which the public audience is able to find a deep appreciation and recognition for the art form of the pole as an apparatus of creative expression. Kelly Yvonne is dynamic in each of her performances yet describes her favorite personal dance style as “lyrical storytelling” in which she is able to convey a message or emotion to her audience through her movement.

As both a professional dancer and coming from an academic background in architecture Kelly Yvonne continues to choreograph award-winning routines, produce dynamic shows, and portray pole in an artistic form of creative expression for all females.