With a schedule that keeps her traveling internationally, 2011 USPDF West Coast Champion, Natasha Wang talks about balancing home and personal life after becoming a pole champion.

Who’s That Girl?

Natasha Wang Revealed

By Eileen Shoals

Pole fans will recognize Natasha Wang as the woman who holds such titles as the 2011 US Pole Dance Champion, the 2010 USPDF West Coast Champion, the 2010 California Pole Dance Champion, and the 2010 East Meets West ‘Pole-AM’ Champion. She is also a Principle Dancer with Girl Next Door: A Pole Dance Soiree, and crowned a USPDF Pro, but y’all know all that already. In preparation for this article, I reflected on all that I could say about this pole performer, but I realized that you have heard most of it already. I’d like to take a few moments to talk about who Natasha Wang was when I first met her. This article is pretty personal for me because it’s a testament to who Natasha Wang has been in my life throughout the years, especially during some very challenging times.

I met Natasha well over six years ago in a pole dance class. I remember thinking “this chick is cool”. She had a distinct dance style way back then and frankly, it was cool, sexy and hot! She was so warm and easy to talk to in class. I didn’t know her very well, but I decided to invite her to a “Girls Only” birthday party/pole party I was hosting. I asked Natasha if she would dance at my party to show my non-pole friends what pole was all about. Without hesitation, she said yes. Most of my friends had never seen a pole dance before and had no idea how beautiful it could be. Everyone at that party was inspired. Natasha’s dancing was breathtaking. That was in 2006.

In 2008, I was going through a major life transition that was very difficult for me. My father had also been diagnosed with cancer. I reached out to a small group of friends to share what I was feeling. Natasha immediately organized a small dinner at a restaurant with five of my closest pole buddies so I wouldn’t have to be alone. Later that year, I hosted another pole party. Natasha was there with bells on…and in 2009, I had the biggest party I’ve ever thrown for my birthday. Natasha organized several of my friends to buy my first very own pole.

Natasha has been there for me through separation and divorce, the devastating loss of my daddy, when my pets died, when I dated weirdos and when I wasn’t always clear about the right direction to go in. She has been there during great times where I felt like I was on top of the world, and during tough times where I cried like a baby. She has been a friend with encouraging words, sisterly phone calls and gourmet cup cakes. Throughout the years we have had some honest heart-to-heart conversations about friendship, vulnerability, openness, navigating through being misunderstood, embarrassing situations, disappointments, and moving forward when life gets difficult. Her ability to be authentic and reflective makes her a true champion, in my opinion.

Yes, she is an athlete and a poet. Yes, she speaks French and has a background in Public Relations. Yes, she is an amazing pole artist with many other gifts…and she loves animals, too (to the point of picking up stray scared animals to rescue them). Yet, the best way for me to describe her is this way: Natasha Wang is my friend. She is one of ten incredible women in my life who have been loyal and truly let me know they were there for me and pulling for me to achieve my dreams…even when my dreams seemed far away. If you have ever had a dream, you know how valuable it is to share that dream with someone and have it be supported. In a world where dream stealers are prevalent, Natasha has listened to my dreams and encouraged me to accomplish them. For that, I will forever be grateful!