By Samantha Thomas


The whole reason I created Fierce Fitness Ladies is to spread the word about fitness to the local woman in my community. So many women are lost when it comes to fitness & nutrition. I get so many inbox messages from FFL’s that say almost the same thing “I just don’t know where to start” or “I don’t have any motivation”. Fierce Fitness Ladies provides answers to questions from woman who are currently going through their own personal weight loss & fitness journey.

I want to see Fierce Fitness Ladies grow into a nationwide community of woman. I want FFL to connect us with each other and provide that push that we find ourselves needing so often. I want to utilize these social networks to their full potential. We have FFL’s from the West coast all the way to the East coast! THAT motivates me in a HUGE way!

There are plenty of “programs” and “trainers” out there that will tell you anything you want to hear just to make a buck. Reality is there are so many women that want those professional results but don’t have the money to hire a trainer, join a gym, or order DVD sets off the TV commercials. Promising results in 30, 60, 90 days. I’ve tried a lot of those magic diet pills, drops, meal plans, workouts…..truth is….90% of them don’t work and they ones that do work only give you results if you have the drive to complete them. Even the most motivated and determined athletes need a push.

 Fierce Fitness Ladies is a group of woman who can provide that push. With so many different fitness levels and personal experiences to share, FFL has a little something for everyone. What may work for me might not work for the next lady, but we share, and we encourage each other to keep searching to find what does work. This Page is not like so many of these other women’s fitness pages. I don’t just post random pics to keep our news feed busy. I post the most motivating and uplifting images and quotes I can find.


I use actual Before & After pictures of women who participate in FFL in order to keep our sisters in iron on track. I don’t just post images of Profession fitness models, I post pictures of everyday woman who have struggled back and forth with their weight and are WINNING! Single mothers, house wives, women who work full time, women with 1,2,3,4 children, women who have gone through the trial and error of weight loss.

Fierce Fitness Ladies is a free resource for women who want to make it happen but don’t have the “perfect” conditions to get it done. GETTING IT DONE every day! “Hey try this, try that, check this out”.

In the last year I’ve seen so many of you ladies completely TRANSFORM! Not only physically but mentally & emotionally. I use to hear false confidence comments but now I can see and feel the real confidence shining through you ladies. You ladies are becoming more comfortable in your own bodies, in your own skin, loving the strength your developing and pushing for self improvement.

Becoming HEALTHY, feeling BEAUTIFUL, improving your quality of life and understanding your SELF WORTH! You deserve to be amazing.

I’m so proud of you ladies! Thank you all for pushing the LIKE button, thank you for living FIERCELY! Thank you all for supporting my dream, supporting each other and building that female bond within the fitness community. This is only the beginning!

Keep up the GREAT work!

<3 Samantha Jane Thomas

Fierce Fitness Ladies