By Anonymous Writer


I often encourage people to release the effects of past trauma, by creating a new story for themselves. I encourage to honor any lessons learned through the trauma, so they can feel strong, powerful and victorious, rather than a victim. Sometimes, clients question this. They wonder what lessons can be learned from a traumatic experience? For on the surface, it sounds like I am saying minimize your pain and suffering and learn what you did wrong to put yourself in the unfortunate circumstance in the first place. To be clear, that is not what I am saying. Sometimes, people ask about the suffering of children around the world. “What possible lesson could be learned from that?” I can truly understand this question and pondered this myself for many years until I realized that we are all souls who chose to be here together in this moment, space and time for a specific purpose.

We are all perfect energy beings who have chosen to have a human experience. When there is suffering in the world, if you focus on the one who appears to be the victim, you only see pain and suffering, but when you expand your focus on the one who is observing the situation, you see compassion and empathy. Perhaps the lesson from Karma is less for the child or rape victim and more about the observers who will be forever changed to help heal the world from these circumstances. I myself am a survivor of sexual trauma from childhood. If I look at my personal experience as a victimized child, I see myself only as a victim and I miss the power of the experience. I know this sounds very strange, but my childhood trauma changed my life and created an opportunity for me to find my resilience and strength. It is the reason I now work with women who have been raped and tortured. My experience as a child gives me a level of compassion and understanding that I may not have ever known. I can stand before a woman and tell her she will be healed and say this from a place of authenticity and love and compassion.

The lesson for me and for all of the women that I work with every day is that the pain and suffering is not the complete story. It’s one chapter in a series of karmic chapters that are pushing me (us) to find our true selves. I am not a victim. We are not victims, unless that is what we choose to see. We are resilient, strong, beautiful women who can decide now who we choose to be. Despite, pain and suffering, in our enlightened state of being, we can re-define ourselves. We can re-create our story. We can change lives and inspire hope. I can only speak from my experience individually and working with women every day for many years. In the space of pain and suffering, there is also the space to discover self-love, self-compassion, healing, recovery…that has the capacity to touch souls universally and inspire compassion. Much love to you on your journey.