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“No Mom, you can’t call your blog “Over 50 and on a Pole” – no will ever read it, lol.”

I have two prominent memories of women turning 50. The first is of my now deceased mentor, Zubaidah Price. She was living in South Africa at the time with her husband, my former boss, Mackie McLeod. I remember her being super excited about her upcoming 50th birthday and planning a huge outdoor feast and party that was to include a roasted pig! The second recollection is of Oprah. You can Google that one – it was another blow out celebration! Both occasions had me looking forward to one day hosting my own big ‘five O’ affair – lolol !

When I did turn 50 however, it was just sad. It was 2011 and I was still reeling from having lost my complete empire – a dozen real estate properties (per the market crash), my cars, my dog, my man (who walked out on me) … and did I mention the bankruptcy and IRS audit and the home foreclosure and car repo. Man, my 50 birthday was a complete tragedy – I felt like such failure and wondered, “what happened and how did I get here?”

However, it is my past that makes my new blog incarnation and theme of “FlyingOver50.com” so significant for me on so many levels. “Flying Over 50” has become like a theme song in my head. It’s a positive foundation for me and hopefully will be a platform for others. And yes, the pole is an important piece of the puzzle that has helped to get me ‘here.’

As an over-50 pole dancer, I don’t compete in competitions or try to keep up with all the latest tricks and pole moves. Pole dancing is more of a moving meditation for me. It calms me. It keeps me centered. It grounds me in my femininity. It affirms my sensual essence. It’s my own private dance that I make public.

So when Pole World News called me to contribute this monthly column, I was literally blown away…. As in “who me?” … lol. Then my oldest daughter says, “Well mom, now you have to start a blog to compliment your column – all columnists have blogs – duh.” Well, I knew that, it’s what I tell my Jazzmyne Public Relations clients – but what did that have to do with me?

Then my youngest daughter says, “No Mom, you can’t call your blog “Over 50 and on a Pole” – no will ever read it, lol.” But I am over 50 and on a pole was my rebuttal. “Call it ‘Flying Over 50’,” she retorted. “That way, anyone will be able to relate to it, regardless of age and whether they pole or not,” she said … and by golly my blog now had a name.

Then my client, Dr. Boogie said, “You are not just a poler you know. You inspire all of us, young and older. ‘Flying Over 50’ will be a movement. It’s a brand and it needs it own identity with social media and a gmail account.” And within a few days he had set it all up for me … wow!

I was totally overwhelmed. I preach all of this building and branding and blogging to my pr clients, but to be on the receiving end of it was a totally new experience. And now here I am, bringing “FlyingOver50.com” to you.

“Flying Over 50” is living life over the speed limit – no matter what age you are. It’s defying the odds, ignoring the illusions in front of you and keeping your eyes, your heart and your soul on your vision.

At the onset of 50, I didn’t get it. I thought I had failed. I was home less, man less, car less, dog less, money less and vision less. But it’s all about flying over 50, not flying at 50 – lol.

I am just so thankful that poling has pushed me higher than I ever thought I could go. If I can climb a pole and hang upside down in mid air at my age – everything else is a piece of cake. And if I can do ‘this,’ then you can do ‘that’ – whatever ‘that’ is for you – whether you are 25 or 45 or 85 or whatever. It’s all about getting ‘over’ your old self and creating your new self!

I now blog daily at www.FlyingOver50.com and like poling, its become a discipline that keeps me sharp and on my creative A-game, because, just like with poling, you never know who is watching. I had no clue anyone was checking for me when I got that call from Pole World News to write for them here.


Speed limits be damned! We fly over 50 over here!


Let’s dance y’all !


Makeda Smith




Photo Credit (flying image): www.ShotbyJhana.com

Studio: Tilt Studios in Burbank, CA

Makeup: my daughter Asha Jaha

Photo Credit (pink outfit): Donnell Spencer, Jr.

Makeup: my daughter Asha Jaha