by Eileen Shoals

There was a time in my life when I felt betrayed by a group of friends. Their betrayal took me by surprise and I felt side-swiped. I remember thinking to myself “Oh, this is why so many women say they can’t stand other women”. I admit that I had a brief thought that I might be better off without girl friends, but then I realized how absurd that would be and I pushed that thought out of my mind. Despite being hurt by some previous girl friends, I made a conscious choice to keep women in my life. I decided that life is too precious to let the actions of a few effect my relationships with others.

I decided that I would not give up on having girl friends. I determined that I would not allow a few hurtful women to ruin my future relationships with other women period! I prayed: “Dear God send women into my life who will be more than friends…let them be like sisters.” I also took personal responsibility, realizing that if I wanted to have those kinds of women in my life, that I would need to be that type of friend. I thought about the types of friends I would like to have in my life and I became that friend to my friends.

Before I knew it, I was surrounded by amazing women who were strong, courageous, kind, peaceful, loving, caring, honest, sincere…and so many other wonderful qualities. I met women who were lovely in every way and they inspired me to be a better friend, sister and human being. I began hosting parties semi annually to celebrate what I called the “Sisterhood of Women”. I host these parties to this day. They are opportunities to celebrate the feminine energy in each woman in my life and to treasure that energy. There is no greater joy than being a woman who is around other confident women who don’t compete with each other or judge each other. It’s so freeing to be with other women who know who they are and appreciate the value that other women bring to their lives.

I’m so happy to say that so many of the women I celebrate exist in the pole community. They are truly my sisters. I think we pole sistas get each other on a level that is beyond awesome. It doesn’t matter where the woman is from or where she takes pole classes, the pole brings us together and we can relate on so many levels. I’m so grateful for all of the beautiful women I have come to know throughout the years. I hope that women will always celebrate the Sisterhood of Women and appreciate the sacredness of the feminine experience. I’d like to give a huge shout out to each and every woman that I have had the pleasure of being inspired by. My dear sisters, I salute you!