Many years ago I wrote up a Recipe of a Farmers Market Salad after shopping at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. So, this last weekend while visiting friends in Houston, I offered to make lunch, thinking that I would make somewhat the same salad. The local farmers market was charming—it wasn’t hard to find new potatoes, green beans, washed lettuces, and farm fresh eggs—but what about the protein? The fish stand had beautiful cooked local shrimp! I bought enough for five people.

You too can be a favorite house guest if you offer to cook lunch to be served outdoors on a sunny day. You don’t need a recipe—all you need is plenty of rosé wine. What I did was buy two potatoes per person, five handfuls of green beans, a bag of lettuce, a dozen eggs, a pound of cooked shrimp, a bottle of Texas olive oil, a lemon, and a head of garlic.

First I put the potatoes (unpeeled) in a large pot with four eggs and covered with cold water and added a sprinkling of salt. After 10 minutes, I removed the eggs and ran them under cold water. While the potatoes, were cooking, I trimmed the beans and dropped them into a smaller pot of rapidly boiling salted water. When they were tender when pierced with a fork, I drained them into a colander and ran under cold water, then added a few ice cubes, so the beans wouldn’t keep cooking. Potatoes should not be run under cold water. When they were cool enough to handle, I sliced them cutting off any ugly parts and removed the loose peels—but not all. Potatoes should be coated with olive oil before they cool completely and salt.

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