By Hailey Davis
Skincare Therapist

Due to busy schedules, financial constraints, or simply location, many people don’t get regular, professional facial treatments for their skin. While I highly suggest getting a professional facial at least every change of season, there are certainly ways that you can mimic some of the results at home. Here’s my four-step treatment for complexion perfection.

Step 1: Cleanse the skin with a mild, sulfate-free cleansing gel like Avalon Organics’ CoQ10 Facial Cleanse Gel (wrinkle smoothing cleanser foams, refreshens and encourages Cellular Renewal).

Step 2: Use a mild facial scrub with round grains massaging over the skin in circular motions for 60 seconds and rinsing off well, or use an acid-based exfoliation left on the skin for 7-10 minutes and rinse off well. Both of these are designed to remove surface dry skin cells so that a mask can work deeper within the skin.

Step 3: After rinsing your exfoliator, apply 4-5 drops of a skin serum suited for your skin type. The benefit of using a skin serum is that it will enhance the results by delivering potent, active ingredients into the skin. Be sure to apply around the eyes, but not too close to the lashes to avoid irritation.

Step 4: Apply a thin coat of a mask suited for your skin type. Dry skin? Use a cream-based mask. Dehydrated, sensitive, and combination skin? Use a gel mask. Normal, combination skin in need of brightening? Try a non-drying clay mask. Oily, problem skin? Try using an antibacterial clay mask. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, rinse well, and follow with moisturizer.

Voila! A facial at home, guaranteed to get your skin glowing in no time!