By Eric Plantenberg 

Eric Plantenberg explores “yes” and “no” statements.

Regardless of your decision, yes or no, you are really just saying the same thing.

If you say no to someone wanting to spend time with you, you are freeing yourself up to say yes to someone else.

If you say yes to purchasing a new pair of shoes, you are saying no to keeping that cash in your savings account.

Don’t concern yourself with the number of “no’s” or the number of “yes’s” you land on each day.  Simply consider the energy behind eachyes and each no.

If you are finding trust, love, willingness or peace behind a yes response or a no response, great.  However, if you are choosing a yes or no response from a place of guilt, lack, or shame, you are potentially only harming yourself and your desired end result.

Reply with what you love about this Monday’s edition, and how your energetic state impacts the end results of each one of your yes and no decisions.


be free!