By Celeste Ayers

Hi pole world I’m Celeste Ayers! I have been in this amazing industry since 2006 and I just can’t get enough of sharing this beautiful art with the world. I have been teaching at several studios and competing up until December. On Christmas eve of 2013 I taught my last class for a while…and for a great reason. I decided to put teaching and competing aside for now to team up with my High School BFF, Holli Christensen, to open a studio. Coming soon will be Polarity Fitness in Downtown Long Beach, and what a ride it’s been so far. We found the perfect spot on 501 Pine Ave, and are in the building process as we speak. The only problem with this is we are in the hands of the city, and are playing the waiting game right now. A waiting game that is just about over. So in the meantime I thought I would tell you what you can look forward to.

Holli’s and my vision for Polarity is to be an “Equal Opportunity” pole sport studio that will welcome men, women, AND kids alike. Yes, I know what you might be thinking…. Kids and Men? We believe that pole has evolved into so many different avenues, that separating them outside of the sexualization aspect is completely possible and is being done already these days. So we want to make it easier to find a place that welcomes our future vertical-mini stars, and male stars. Pole is evolving much like surfing and skateboarding did. Neither sport was recognized for what it is today when they started, and pole is no different. When pole fitness started to become popular it was marketed to women that wanted to become more in touch with their inner sexual self while getting their workout in. Men were told they weren’t allowed in and kids were a SERIOUS no no. These days we have a rising number of men that are becoming more interested in the sport as well as interested kids of the moms already in class. Why not make a program that will allow for all avenues to be met?

Holli and I have created a program that will appeal to a variety of polers, starting with our Pole Sport/Fitness Classes level 1-4. We love the way Pole Sport Organization has standardized their levels so we used their guidelines for our levels as well. This way people can progress at their own pace safely and if they at any time decide to compete they will be trained with the correct tricks for their level. We also designed a Vertical Boot Camp, this class will be open to all levels and will consist of drills and combos that will get your heart pumping and will give you the strength training needed to build strong pole muscles. Lastly we will offer Burlesque Pole which is your traditional style of pole class. This class is open to both men and women but does have an age restriction of 17 years old with parental permission. We still love the sexy side of pole, so we have installed lights to give the studio a sexy glow and feel that gives this class the extra touch polers look forward to, in order to escape their minds for the hour. After all, we don’t want to disregard where we came from.

Holli and I look forward to opening and hope to see some new faces and some old faces soon. Make sure to “like” us on Facebook for updates on our Grand Opening, and feel free to guess the date you think we will open by posting to our wall. The first person that answers correctly wins 1 month free!!! You can also meet our instructors on our website at See you on the pole soon!