[Lucy Waterlow | Mail Online]

‘If I had given up when I found out I was pregnant, I wouldn’t have the strength for labour’

A new mother who pole danced throughout her pregnancy said the weight bearing activity helped her cope with childbirth.

Kat Bailey, 31, from West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, even had time for a quick twirl on her pole whilst she was actually in labour before giving birth to her first son, Joshua.

‘I think the fact we have had a healthy, happy baby shows what we were doing was right for us,’ she said of her newborn, who weighed 7lb 14oz, as she shares her story on TLC UK’s My Extraordinary Pregnancy.

She added: ‘If I had given up pole when I found out I was pregnant, I wouldn’t have the strength to labour the way I did.’

Dave, her partner and father of her child agreed, saying he was astounded by witnessing the intense physical process of childbirth.

‘It is a physical process and hopefully if you are physically fitter it should help you through that process,’ Dave said.

He admitted he had been anxious about seeing his partner balancing on high bars and in aerial hoops when she was expecting but he trusted her to know what she was doing after she took up the activity competitively in 2012.

Kat, who loved pole dancing so much she gave up her job as a university psychologist to make it her career, drew some criticism for continuing her passion when she found out she was expecting.

She posted numerous photos and clips of herself pole dancing with a bump and took part in a national competition when seven months pregnant.

Defending her actions, she said on the TLC show, which airs this evening: ‘After my story went in the local paper people told me it was dangerous but they don’t have a right to tell me what to do.

‘I know what I am doing and that is all that matters.’

‘There is no reason to give it up unless you’re told to by a medical professional.’

‘A lot of people think I am crazy to keep on going but I will still be poling up to four weeks before.’