Let Food Be Thy Medicine

By Nadia Arévalo
Wellness Food Consultant in Los Angeles

As I saw my father’s health go down the drain with four clogged arteries and a few strokes, it made me think twice about what foods I was placing in my mouth. It got to me when I became overweight, as if one day I just noticed it! Those extra 30 lbs motivated me to change my unconscious eating habits to more mindful eating. The more I learned about nutrition, health, food, and cooking, the more empowered and in control I felt about my body.

My intention is that you too will feel the same way I did with consistent education on these subjects. I assure YOU CAN control a very high percentage of your foods and drinks- enough to drastically go from health to dis-ease. Natural, unprocessed whole foods have fascinating healing, rebuilding, repairing and rejuvenation effects. Plant-based foods, such as vegetables, sprouts, herbs, fruits, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, seaweeds and whole grains have been used for centuries to combat colds, heart burn, headaches, sleep, indigestion, muscle cramps, detoxification, skin problems, allergies and the list goes on. It’s fascinating to know whole foods give our body nourishment from its vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, antioxidants, fiber, enzymes, protein and healthy fats.

As our bodies wear down naturally from age, gravity, exercise, malnutrition, pollution, and man-made chemicals- whole, organic, unprocessed foods have amazing powerful effects! What do I eat more of? Start with buying fresh, organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, sprouts, seaweeds, beans, nuts and whole grains. For example, this week I bought at the farmer’s market some beets, avocados, parsley, mung bean sprouts, garbanzo beans and raw almonds. Next edition I’ll go into why buying organic is essential to your health!

Nadia has a BS in Nutritional Sciences and a Certificate in Alternative Nutrition and Beginning Culinary Arts. You may contact Nadia at food.consultant@yahoo.com.