The Morrocco Method is a Raw, Vegan, and Natural Gluten-free hair care and skincare line developed by Anthony Morrocco. The following letter written by Anthony Morrocco can be found on the Morrocco Method Website at


Handmade_Natural_4a40353eed1ecLetter To A Doctor


Dear Doctor,

We hope you’ll take a moment of your time to acquaint yourself with our introductory package of Morrocco Method International, an America-based foundation dedicated to the holistic care and maintenance of hair and scalp.

Healthy, beautiful , luxurious hair is one of the most desirable attributes of the human body. Yet, as you well know, an estimated 30 percent of all women and over 70 percent of all males throughout the world are experiencing hair loss in ever increasing numbers. This disturbing increase is caused not only by the well-documented rise in stress and hypertension, but by the continuing use of toxic, chemically treated shampoos, mousses, gels, artificial colors and fragrances that are so dangerously prevalent in the marketplace today.

Morrocco Method International is committed to putting an end to this tragedy. Having observed the devastating, psychological effects of hair damage and loss, along with the hazardous effects of toxic hair products on the body, I spent thirty-four years studying and globally researching both the ancient and modern methods of hair care. I am now pleased to present to you the Morrocco Method of hair care, the finest, most effective program of scalp and hair care for both the maintenance and rejuvenation of your hair.

The Morrocco Method is affordable, natural, and totally holistic. It is non-surgical, drug-free, and contains no harmful chemicals or synthetics. Central to our program are our all-natural, Elemental Shampoos, which harness the power of Natures most potent minerals and naturally grown plants and herbs. These excellent shampoos, which work most effectively when used in rotation, restore and nourish hair and scalp while they are cleaning them.

Our Elemental Shampoos are multipurpose: they can also be used as a facial wash or a body wash, and also as a shaving cream for the face and legs. Our patrons find great pleasure in using them as a vitalizing exfoliate in the morning and as a soothing make-up remover at night.

The Morrocco hair-care program is multifaceted as well. It combines modern knowledge and techniques with the ancient healing arts of Ayurveda, Yoga, Chinese herbalism, acupressure, and Lunar Astrology. With its synergy of products and restorative techniques, both ancient and modern, the Morrocco Method is the only truly natural, holistic hair-care program available in the marketplace today.

The hair-care techniques that we recommend with our products are simple and easy. They can be practiced daily in the privacy of your home. By committing to a simple, 10-minute routine twice a day for as little as 30 days, practitioners of our method can reverse the damaging conditions of hair loss and experience lasting, gratifying results.

In the field of natural health, the Morrocco Method of hair care is gaining wide recognition both nationally and internationally as the ultimate program of holistic hair care. Doctor Edward Wagner, a holistic health care practitioner for over 25 years, is more than enthusiastic about our shampoos:

“The Morrocco Method shampoos,” he recently wrote in a letter, “have fulfilled my search for a nontoxic, non-allergenic hair care product which is actually good for the whole body. I cannot over compliment these products because they have fulfilled all my expectations.”

Professionals from all areas of health care share Dr. Wagners enthusiasm and have made similar endorsements, which are available to you on request.

Thank you very much for taking the time to consider our program. If we can be of further assistance to you, please feel free to call us whenever you wish.

Very truly yours, 
Anthony Morrocco 
Morrocco Method International