By Eric Plantenberg

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If you want to make a huge impact in this world, start by taking care of you!


There are three buckets of activities that will support your success in life:


1. Passionately chase after your goals and dreams

2. Commit to fostering strong relationships

3. Take care of yourself


Use these three buckets as signposts for how you structure your day and week.  Remember, however, that the greatest of these is the care that you show yourself.  You can only give the world what you have under the hood to give.



Are you really taking care of you?  Incorporate all three of the tools below and watch your impact, energy, and motivation expand:


1. Move and Strengthen Your Body – Daily exercise is good for so many things.  Increase your productivity by getting your heart rate up and pumping fresh red blood cells to your brain.


2. Give Yourself Alone Time – Unplug from your day and your electronics. Meditate or take a walk alone and enjoy nature.  Schedule 15 minutes mid-morning and then again 15 minutes mid-afternoon for some alone time.


3. Spoil Yourself – Do something that is just for fun…something that excites you, rewards you, and motivates you…make it something you love.


Master the art of taking care of you this week so that you are ready to dive into setting passionate goals and building strong relationship next week.


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