By Cali Ann Cutler

Scientists and physicians are only now discovering the profound effects of stress on the body, stress on the effectiveness of food, and emotion affecting the structure of cells. We can now observe more clearly than ever before the physical evidence of thoughts affecting physical matter.

If our current understanding of food, health, and weight is correct, there would be no skinny women who eat junk food. Have you ever wondered how such diverse results- healthy and unhealthy, thin and chubby, well and sick people- could be eating generally the same foods?

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” –Albert Einstein

Not only does your food have energy, your thoughts have energy as well. If you do nothing with changing the food you eat, considering this second aspect: Feel good while you eat. Saturate yourself in the feelings of appreciation, happiness, humor, or contentment while you eat.

Eating healthy food while you feel out of whack is pointless. When you feel negative emotion, the body does not receive the nutrients from the food, metabolism slows down, digestion is challenged, everything is bogged down if you are worried, or annoyed, or fearful about your health.

“We can create more damaging body acids by mis-thinking than we can neutralize with all the alkaline-forming broths we can take.” –Dr. Bernard Jensen

Feel GOOD while you eat. Whatever it is. Be easy on yourself on this delicate subject. Be kind to yourself. Be gentle with your feelings. Have compassion and grace with your magnificent body. Give your body appreciation and thankfulness for pumping blood through your vascular system every minute of the day without you thinking about it. Look toward your body in wonder and awe of the great job its doing of digesting food, maintaining temperature, and thousands of miniscule chemical actions that you never have to put conscious thought toward. Just your existence is evidence of the magic and goodness surrounding you.

Think something that give you relief, feel more positive thought about the food you are eating. See if you can eat an entire meal with thankfulness and pleasure. Feel deep satisfaction when you finish. The subtle energy of your emotions becomes your food

while you eat at the energetic level. It’s no wonder you aren’t getting the health you want or the weight you want- you keep eating stress sandwiches, lathered with miserable mustard, topped with kill-me ketchup! Put yourself in an environment where you can feel as good as you can while you eat, without distraction or the stresses of any other topic. Feel good about what you eat. Eat as it was always meant to be- as a celebration. You will transform your body, your health, and your world.

by Cali Ann Cutler
raw food chef, nutrition instructor, author