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For many families, spending time together might involve a trip to the cinema, a game of Monopoly or a game of football in the park.

But for Jake Night and Lindsey Teall, family time involves an altogether more out-there activity: pole dancing.

The family from St Louis, Missouri, say they’re proud to share the love of the unusual sport with their children Aiden, 11, Alaura, five. Even three-year-old Rosalyn gets involved in the fun.

With a pole set up in their living room, the family are able to practice together every day and say learning the medium has not only helped boost the children’s fitness levels but also their creativity.

In fact it was pole dancing that first brought the couple together.

“As soon as they could crawl, they would pull themselves up onto the pole."

“Jake and I first started pole dancing separately, before we met,” Lindsey tells Yahoo Style UK. “We both have a performing arts background; mine is in dance and Jake’s is in theatre and as a gymnastics instructor.”

“Jake began pole dancing in his 20s. At that time, nearly two decades ago, finding a pole class in most places was next to impossible. The classes and studios just really didn’t even exist yet.”

Jake started working as a DJ and after a failed marriage Lindsey started pole dancing in a club for fitness and self-empowerment.

“It was honestly one of the best decisions of my life, because that’s where Jake and I met,” she says.

Having bonded over their love of the sport, the couple went on to have three children who, having watched their parents training and teaching classes, started showing an interest in the activity.