A male fresher asked if there was ‘spectators pole dancing’

[Will Langston  | The Edinburgh Tab]

The University of Edinburgh’s Pole Dancing Society were sexually harassed and subjected to sexist remarks at the Activities Fair as they attempted to sign up new members.

Those running the stall at the fair, which took place between 12th-13th September, were faced with multiple people approaching their stall and making derogatory comments towards them.

We spoke to Amelia, a member of EUPDS, who was one of the society members working on the stall.

"I hope that none of our societies are faced with such behaviour again, as we are extremely proud of the work they do and the engagement and opportunities they provide for students."

— Kai O'Doherty: Students' Association Vice President Welfare

Amelia spoke of “multiple cases where male freshers took part in dissuading female friends from signing up to pole dancing”, and one instance where “a female fresher was mocked by her friends for taking an interest in the society”.

As well as this, someone approached Amelia and asked her about the upcoming competitions. Amelia said that after they provided him with an answer, “he simply replied ‘…because I’d like to be a judge’ and burst into laughter”.