[Jessica Lipscomb | Miami New Times]

“We’re outlining expectations for the kinds of businesses we’d like to see there.”

This summer, after a heated discussion about crime, shady business practices, and general seediness on Ocean Drive, Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine asked Commissioner Ricky Arriola to meet with business owners and residents to devise a plan of attack.

Today, at its first meeting since the summer break, the commission will discuss the result of the six-week strategy session. Among the highlights of Arriola’s 11-page plan? Bans on pole dancing, chain restaurants, and medical marijuana dispensaries.

“We’re outlining expectations for the kinds of businesses we’d like to see there,” Arriola says. The goal is an eventual makeover of Ocean Drive so the city’s iconic stretch is “safe and enjoyable, and good for business, tourists, and residents.”

The restrictions on pole dancing, nudity, and other “adult entertainment” come on the heels of summertime rumors that King of Diamonds, a North Miami Beach strip club immortalized in a slew of rap songs, was opening a location on Ocean Drive.

That wasn’t exactly true. Last month, rapper Akinyele, KOD’s former owner,said he was simply trying to open a soul-food restaurant with some South Beach sex appeal.

Though Arriola says the pole-dancing ban isn’t aimed at any one business, the commissioner believes it’s important to reinforce the city’s existing laws.

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