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In an effort to offset the damage done to his body through extensive eating, drinking, and smoking, Mr Sato. began taking a pole dancing class last December. It has helped a lot in terms of improving his posture and energy.

However, lately he’s been feeling as though he hit a wall in his dancing and thought he would need more core strength to reach the next plateau. So, he signed up for an intensive five-day training session at Diamond Fitness in Azabu-juban.

It was called the 30-Minute Exercise Knockdown but actually each session would go for 45 minutes including stretching time. The centerpiece of this workout is the Da Vinci BodyBoard which is apparently big in the USA and beginning to get a little notoriety in Japan these days.


Day 0

Before taking on five-straight days of the 30-Minute Exercise Knockdown it was important to measure Mr. Sato’s body condition to see how he would improve. Using a body composition meter our gluttonous reporter was actually found to be rather spry with a muscle mass of 50.5 kilograms (111 pounds) and a fat percentage of 15.2.

Hus muscle mass was a little above average for a man his age, so it looked like those pole dancing lessons have been paying off. But if he was really going to headline in the finest gentleman’s clubs, he would have to kick things up a notch.

▼ Mr. Sato – Day 0

Day 1

In the first group workout Mr. Sato struggled to keep up with the fast, unflinching pace of the session. Unlike many other muscular exercise routines this one incorporated aerobic elements designed to burn fat quickly.

There was music playing to help Mr. Sato keep pace, but it took everything he had not to collapse on the floor. The pain was remarkable but after the work-out he certainly felt his muscles were tighter. The next day, however, he just hurt.