[ | Yahoo! Health | Aug 8, 2014]

A very pregnant New York City trapeze artist has become a bit of an inspiring sideshow at the circus institute where she teaches — by continuing her high-flying antics through her eighth month of pregnancy, and having the professional portraits to prove it.

“We did [the photos] because I wanted maternity pictures that weren’t your standard maternity pictures,”

Queens resident Michelle Arvin, co-owner of the circus training facility Circus Warehouse, told the New York Daily News. Yahoo Health could not reach Arvin for comment on Friday, as she had gone into labor almost two weeks past her July 26 due date, according to her friend Rachael Shane, the photographer who took the pictures.

“She’s very strong and in touch with her body and the happiest pregnant woman I’ve ever seen,” Shane told Yahoo Health. “She’s an acrobat, and she was always in the air, and I know it sounds insane but it made sense that of course she would still be flying at eight months pregnant.”