By Jaqueline Valdez

Accro Brandon Rosario – Competitor and Workshop Instructor

The audience screamed with enthusiasm and loved Accro’s entertaining piece as he shook his way through a Backstreet Boys song. Accro competed at the Pole Classic Competition and placed 3rd in the men’s division.

The “excitement of Vegas and the Pole Expo” has Acco Brandon returning for his 3rd year.

I got the opportunity to speak with him after his competition. I asked him how he prepared for this event and he shared “ I stayed away from a dramatic piece and focused on a fun high energy, party-pleasing routine to fit the excitement of the anything goes event.”

Accro Brandon Rosario shared his “passion for instructing others to fly on someone else’s feet” through his workshops on Acro-yoga and Acro-partner classes at the 2014 expo.

Accro loves the support of individuals in the pole industry. “The pole industry is so open. You can perform and show your skills off or even have fans and supporters. “

Advice Accro would give to upcoming pole dancers is to “train hard, find your style of artistic expression, songs that work and your own personality. Stay true to yourself. “

The link to his performance at The Pole Classic Competition in Vegas 2014

Celebrity Judge Greta Pontarelli – 2013 IPSF World Masters Champion

It was such a blessing to see her in the audience smiling on as each competitor hit the stage. Greta is such sweet lady. Greta spoke so openly to me on judging the Pole Classic Competition as I had the honor of speaking with Greta after the competition. I asked her what her favorite thing was on judging and she shared “[she] loves giving feedback to others to help them grow. Everyone is here for a reason. [She] remembers how stressful it can be to compete and for those to simply enjoy the moment. “

Greta also shared her “love” for Pole World News! She is grateful for PWN sharing all the amazing things happening around the world in the pole community and uniting us all.

The link to her performance in London at The IPSF World Sports Competition 2013


Celebrity Judge Suwasit Ritthipon – 2014 PPC Pro Division Silver Medalist and Los Vegas Entertainer

It was rewarding to see Suwasit cheering and routing for each competitor.

This is Suwasits 3rd year back and he sees himself being “a forever participant!”

I had the honor of talking with Suwasit after the Competition. I asked what he looks for when he judges and he shared “I look for a clean performance, no fidgeting and that ones knows their way around the pole. “

I also asked what words of advice would you give someone if you were looking to compete. Suwasit shared openly “work hard, study movements, train smart, take care your body, get your butt to the gym and train, train, train, train. You may feel like your not ready, you may never be ready but the best way to get good at something is to just do it.”

Suwasit is such a doll. His positive and loving energy radiates through him drawing many individuals to him. The love for him was evident as he taught many workshops at the Expo. He was so busy he had to make light of it and went into each class stating his cute icebreaker “ What workshop is this? “. His workshops are geared towards advanced dancers, aerialist and competitors to “try new things and step up their game. Try it the Suwasit way… Get Suwasitfied.”

The link to his performance in Los Angeles at The Pacific Pole Championship 2014