[Christian Gollayan | New York Post]

“I have grown in so much confidence since having Izzy onstage with me.”

This pole dancer not only performs for dogs — she performs with a dog, too.

In 2014, Rebecca Kennedy, now 24, started incorporating her border collie Izzy into her routines. So far, the Brit and her pup have competed in five pole-dancing competitions, and they’re said to be the UK’s first dog and owner act.

“I loved pole dancing and teaching Izzy new tricks, so I just thought, ‘Why not combine the two?’ ” Kennedy, a veterinary student, told Caters. “I have so much fun when performing with Izzy, and she loves learning more tricks every time.”

Her pooch can hop through her owner’s legs while she’s latched on the pole. Izzy will even hop around and dance as Kennedy, hanging upside down, guides her.

But performing a sexy routine with an animal can be challenging.