By Leen Isabel

Pole Dancing Adventures (PDA) is a weekly webcomic that gives an insightful, witty and truthful account of what life is like as a pole dancer. Part educational and mostly humorous, much of Pole Dancing Adventures comes from my four years experience as a pole dancing student. You’ll find everything from dancing and safety tips; to commentary on current trends; to the funny and embarrassing truths in becoming an experienced dancer.

Most of all, PDA seeks to encourage dancers and non-dancers alike to understand the beauty behind the dance form. It’s also about health and fitness, building self esteem, confidence, and just having fun. Since 2012, men and women around the globe have shared their love of pole dancing with each other using this comic. Bringing the first book of Pole Dancing Adventures to print will make it easier to share the story with others and will help me to continue the webcomic.